Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 417 Pranayama Breathing Technique

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St Mary, Ga, 05/06/07
Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese
Copyright 2007
Pranayama is a popular breathing technique that I first learned from the TM Movement, and as well, in my spiritual travels, I have come across it time and again. On my last trip to Fairfield, visiting with my buddy, Laurence, he always has interesting books and articles laying around and I saw this book about pranayama, read a few pages praising the here I offer it to you
I call it 417 here because 417 used to be the address of Freakie Fries, 417 Legendre St. W., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
and it so happens that the counting for a good pranayama is 417 too!
place you  finger against one nostril, blocking it, and let out all your air to the count of four, and then to the count of one, move your finger over to the other nostril to block it, continuing  to let out all your air, then, blocking the other nostril, breath in deeply, to the count of seven.
then, let out your air to the count of four again, and then move your finger to the alternate nostril to the count of one as you continue to expel all of your breath, and then, blocking that nostril, breath in deeply to the count of seven.
and so, you alternate nostrils as you count 417, 417, 417,417
do so for about ten times
it is recommended for prepping the nervous system for even deeper meditations...especially the Levitation Meditation...I have known some meditators to do as much as ten minutes of this breathing technique before meditation
enjoy!...oh kindest people

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